Ghost Tours!

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2021 Ghost Tour date to be announced!

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to our Ghost Tours.  Just some information for those of you who are attending.

Thank you for supporting the Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society by attending Ghost Tours 2020.  A few words before the event to make your experience enjoyable and safe.

Due to the current pandemic, all participants (and volunteers) must wear face masks.  Additionally, non-related groups must maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and others.  Hand sanitizers are available for your use.  Everyone must complete the screening and sign in at the entrance desk.

This is a walking tour and takes approximately one hour.  The terrain is frequently uneven and rocky so wear comfortable low-heeled, close-toed shoes for your comfort and safety.  If you are participating in the 5:30 time slot, bring a flashlight to help you navigate through the cemetery.  Since this is an outside event, dress appropriate to the weather.  Costumes are allowed but keep in mind ease of movement and safety.

We recognize this is a long walk so if you get tired or feel you can’t complete the walk, please tell your tour guide.  Arrangements are available to take you back to the Paine House by vehicle if needed.  Also, if you need to slow down, please notify your tour guide.  No one gets left behind in the cemetery!

On your return to the Paine House, RISE Paranormal will give a presentation on some of their findings while investigating the house.   Individually wrapped refreshments will be available.

Thank you and enjoy your visit with some of Coventry’s founding (and deceased) citizens!