This list will be updated as new projects are added and other completed.

Around the House

* Organize Whipple Library/Archive area – HIGH PRIORITY

Fix leak in foundation

Curate clothing and quilt collection

Paint Tavern (interior)

Repair pump organ

Reorganize collection displays

whitewash cellar wall

water seal cellar wall

Remove exterior entrance door(s) hardware, paint and replace

Paint strap hinges on basement door (no removal)

Paine strap hinges on barn door (no removal)

Clean and paint exterior window frames near basement door

Mortar small area, basement level exterior, near Station St. entrance

Around the Barn

* Paint and install storm windows – HIGH PRIORITY

Organize the collection for display

Build shelves on upper level

Around the yard

* Install pump and construct wood frame around well – HIGH PRIORITY

Plant an herb garden

Mow the lawns (on going)

Edge (with your edger)

Repaint Paine House Museum Sign on front lawn

Create walkway from stone staircase (at sidewalk) to entrance (at back of museum)


Fix wooden wheel on Fire apparatus

Gently wash fire hose carrier/wagon

Create a Paine House Museum descriptive pamphlet for public distribution – in production

Event planning

Event set-up

*Our Museum Director has expressed a wish for someone to help him with the many Museum Director duties: organizing, planning and so on. This is a volunteer position. If interested, please contact our Museum Coordinator.

All volunteers are welcome for an hour, a day or the duration of a long term project.

We also welcome students in need of intern or volunteer hours.

Stop by the house any day we have a planned ‘Clean Up Day’.

June 24, 2020